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Welcome to the Lifelong Learning Center!

The mission of the Fort Leonard Wood Lifelong Learning Center is to assist soldiers with the learning process, to leverage emerging technologies for the purpose of promoting lifelong learning. Learning not just in the classroom, but learning beyond the classroom.

Contact the Helpdesk

Live Help

Lifelong Learning Center
Mon 0730-1630 CST
Tue-Fri 0730-2230 CST
Sat 0900-1700 CST
~ excluding federal holidays ~

DSN: 676-8171
Toll Free: (877) 208-1229
Local: (573) 563-8171

If you need to contact the Lifelong Learning Center Helpdesk, you can contact us toll free at
(877) 208-1229
or you can fill out the online form by clicking the icon below. Please include as much information
as you can in order for us to best serve you.

You can also contact us by email, copy and paste the following address into your mail program:

Bruce C. Clarke Library
For Your Research Needs

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